Price is Right Consolation Prize

For my birthday this year, I decided to followup on a long-time wish of mine to go to The Price is Right. Our idea was to make shirts with our favorite game on the front, Cliffhangers. Unfortunately, the images on the web were too small and I never received a reply from emails to the show requesting the graphic. Secondly, it is impossible to plan how many people and the right sizes for everyone. Our group count was fluid up until the time we left. Finally, I was a man and gave up. If I had a girlfriend, it probably would have gotten done cause women are good at things like planning and scrap books haha jk.

That being established, we decided to all wear black shirts and jeans. They give you a card to fill out: name, phone, and something about yourself.This is what I wrote: Today is my birthday! I’m a graphic designer from KC and I designed our t-shirts ha.

Everyone in the audience goes through group interviews before entering into the studio. The group interviews went by quick and it became obvious that the people whom were over-the-top and still strung out from the previous night were the ones picked.

The first person picked was from another group of people wearing black shirts so our chances were slim right out of the gate. A couple of us decided to cheer between the pricing games for Rachel Reynolds. The announcer, Rich Fields, noticed our chants and called Rachel out to the stage during a set change. He said over the loudspeakers, “Hey Rachel, a couple guys want to say hi to you out here.” She started walking our way and our group was pushing me into the isle to say hi. Rachel reached her hand out for a shake when I slapped it away and gave her a hug. I blacked out for the next 30 seconds as I tried to make it back to my seat, blushing and tripping over everyone’s legs.

Those models are even better in person, Manuela on the left, Rachel on the far right. Not to mention, Amber Lancaster had the day off. It’s tough to have a great birthday because of all the hype but I did.

click here for tickets

Thanks to all of you that made it out, truly a day of celebration.

One Response to “Price is Right Consolation Prize”
  1. Donny says:

    This is so funny.

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