Manly Men

As I was updating my bio on my website, I wanted to describe how masculine my design effort was just after watching Terminator Salvation. As I usually do, I opened in a new tab and typed in a keyword phrase that I knew would have the correct spelling. So I typed in “manly men.” The google results are hilarious, especially the images.

go to Google search: Manly Men

I think it’s great to note some of the top google image results for “manly men”:

#1: Opposition to an online poll stating David Beckham is the Manliest of Manly Man using Sebastien Chabal as pictured here.

#11 Bro-Mance, A Salute to Manly Men: Bear Grylls, host of the Discovery Channel show ‘Man vs. Wild’.

#14 Ballplayers are manly men.

I had to post this guy cause his blog is pretty funny and full of confessions. A lot of passion behind these words ha. Check out two other posts by him:

#52 Hailing from a thread on a boating and fishing forum called ‘The  Hull Truth” Posting Erik Estrada from CHiPs is among the many TV/Movie/etc tough guys they could come up with.


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