Digital Marketing Budgets Increase in 2010

According to an Econsultancy survey conducted in association with ExactTarget, 46% of companies plan to increase their marketing budgets in 2010, and 66% will increase their investments in digital marketing channels. Additionally, investments in digital marketing will increase by 17% in 2010, and will account for 24% of overall marketing budgets. ExactTarget has compiled key findings from Econsultancy’s study in this complimentary research brief.

Research Brief Highlights Include:

  • 28% of marketers are shifting at least some of their overall marketing budgets from traditional to digital channels.
  • Marketers who focus on “brand reputation” as a measure of marketing effectiveness are most likely to shift their budgets from traditional to digital channels.
  • 70% of the companies surveyed plan to increase their budgets for social media marketing(e.g. Facebook, Twitter).
  • Only 17% of companies surveyed are increasing their print media budgets, compared to 41% who are decreasing spending.

With a multitude of marketing channels and a limited amount of money, it’s more important than ever to invest your marketing dollars wisely…

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