How One Small Biz Turned Their Company Retreat Into Social Media Success

The experience in sharing the corporate retreat on social media exposes five key lessons about social media that any small business can use.

  1. Social media doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful. Two basic tenets of business social media use are be human, and be more transparent. The WooThemes campaign, though extremely simple, achieved both by putting a human face on the company and inviting fans and customers behind the scenes of their work (and play) process.
  2. You can tie social media into anything — even things that you are already planning to do as a company. Said Pienaar: “The campaign paid for itself in the sense that we would have had to cover the expenses related to doing our bi-annual team meetup anyway, but because of all the positive influences from the campaign, we managed to turn what would otherwise just have been an expense, into an investment that will have future benefits.”
  3. Know what you want to get out of social media before going into it. Because the WooThemes team had clearly defined goals about boosting customer interaction and forging more personal connections with their fans, they were better able to keep up a steady stream of new content during the week and gauge ROI when it was over.
  4. Transparency builds trust, and trust can lead to sales. “I’d venture to say that our users now have a much better idea of who we are as a company and hence the future interactions should be more efficient, valuable and hopefully also profitable,” said Pienaar.
  5. When you can, practice what you preach. Using your own products and following your own advice not only demonstrates their effectiveness, but also builds authenticity. “The best marketing strategy ever is to show your (existing and prospective) customers how valuable your products / services are by actually using them and implementing them in your own business. No amount of creativity or copywriting can ever replace the value from showing your customers how you use your own stuff to great effect,” wrote the WooThemes team in one of their posts from the slopes.

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