Facebook Ads: Social Percent

Facebook includes Social % to their online advertising metrics. Social % is defined as the percentage of your ad’s impressions where the user saw at least one friend who liked your Page, event, application, or ad. This metric could be very useful if it showed the CTR (Click Through Ratio) of those users who saw at least one friend. Advertisers could better understand the value of Recommendation/Peer Pressure related to your brand. It’s another step in the right direction for Facebook to continue improvements to their analytics.

Other metrics included in CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaigns are:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Average CPC
  • Average CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions)

CPM Campaigns may be more beneficial for brands targeting popular interests or demographics. Be sure to monitor each campaign running multiple ads to optimize your advertising budget to achieve the highest CTR possible. The best part of Facebook advertising is the ability to target niche communities to personalize your ad. Have your social media manager suggest these niches through Brand Page interactions. There is a skill to being able to listen and reply in real-time…(not a place for untrained individuals). Better to hire a consultant to help train those interns 🙂

General rules to use CPC vs CPM campaigns on Facebook:

1. Determine your audience. Are you advertising to people whom are already fans or want to turn into fans? Some of the best campaign momentum comes from within the existing followers.

a. Advertising to existing followers = use CPM

b. Advertising to potential followers = use CPC

For more information, check out CPM vs CPC: Which Should You Use For Facebook Ads?

UPDATE from Facebook: Metrics that harness social endorsements

To help you better understand the impact of ads with social endorsements, we have added a new column called “Social %” in your Ads Manager. This column represents the percentage of ad impressions that were delivered with social endorsements.In addition, four new columns will appear within the “Advertising Performance Report” that is available through the Reports tab of the Ads Manager.  This report will include columns for (1) social impressions: ad impressions that include social endorsements, (2) social clicks: clicks on ads that originated from an ad with social endorsements (e.g. a social impression), (3) social %: percentage of total ad impressions with social endorsements, and (4) social CTR: social clicks divided by social impressions.

Marketing on Facebook is more meaningful and effective when your customers and advocates spread the message for you with social endorsements. With this data, you can better optimize your ads to increase social % and thereby improve the performance of your Facebook Ads.

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