Using Social Bookmarking in Marketing and PR Campaigns

Facebook revenue is estimated to break 1.5 billion dollars in 2010 because people tend to purchase similar items as their peers. Creating a positive online experience allows your consumers to interact directly with your brand through testimonials, instant feedback, and recommendations to their friends such as the “like” and “tweet” buttons. This article discusses how brands can start building their social value by engaging with online communities, creating content (PR), and curating industry specific articles.

Social Bookmarking for Business: Using Social Bookmarking in Marketing and PR Campaigns via Inc. Magazine
From an individual consumption perspective for Internet readers, social bookmarking can make great sense to filter your news and information all into one place. But it also makes great sense for businesses to utilize these tools. There are a few different ways that businesses can do that to increase site traffic and grow brand recognition. The best ways are by curating information, sharing of testimonials, tracking for individual projects, and as an add-on for your public relations campaigns.

Many consider content curators the gatekeepers to information for businesses and individuals. As a company, curating, or aggregating the best content from around the web, can make you an industry leader through your marketing campaigns. And for companies you already work with, showing that you are on top of the news in your industry gives a certain level of credibility.

“I’d agree that curating content is a good way to utilize these sites as a business,” Levy says. “I think serving as a resource to your community and keeping that trust is a very simple way to show customers and clients that you care about not only them, but their time.”

Similarly, if you think of it from the perspective of businesses who you don’t already do business with, you’re going to be seen as a resource for information.  Making it more likely for that client or company to be attracted to working with you. In both cases, this relevancy can show real concern for customer service and retention.

Another way to utilize these tools is by pulling together all of your best testimonials from customers. Every business has heard the question from potential business partners and clients that asks, “What have others said about your work?” Rather than directing them to a Yelp page or sending an email, how much easier would it be to direct that potential partner to a site that has all of the testimonials for your company organized in one place, in a simple format?

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