2011 NCAA Social Madness: Social Media for Sports Fans

NCAA March Madness at the office

Fish Where the Fish Are and realize that some fish like to share! My favorite sport tournaments to watch are the NFL Playoffs and NCAA March Madness. These events are inherently social to sports fans gathering around the water cooler. For the first time, every March Madness basketball game was available for free online as as well as on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. March Madness On Demand allows more people to watch the tournament which has continued to increase revenue streams across the board.

“In 2010, CBSSports.com saw 8.3 million visitors check out their online streaming March Madness coverage, proving that technology plays a huge part in user behavior during three of the most popular weeks in sports. This also netted CBS $613.8 million in ad sales revenue. Thanks to office pools, increased TV coverage, and mobile streaming, 2011 could be the biggest year yet for viewership.”
Want more? March Madness Innovations We Love at Inc.com

Some of the best branding opportunities come from being current and relevant. Companies that have the ability, foresight and speed to create campaigns around current trends or topics can often benefit greatly through inbound marketing.

“Social media is a slam-dunk marketing strategy for behemoths such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and AT&T. Coke is so gung-ho that it’s upped its social-media spending around the tournament tenfold. Coke will spend more than 20% of its tournament budget on social media this year compared with 2% last year.”
Want more? 2011 March Madness social media examples at USA Today

Plan for the future and reap the benefits in your Social Media Campaigns! Your structure and strategy must be a priority if you want to Fish Where The Fish Are: Social Media Strategy (pdf) by Chris Brogan. His six strategies include:

  1. Find the Customer
  2. Be There Before the Sale
  3. Be (or Empower) the Influencer
  4. Shift Behavior
  5. Warm Up the Funnel
  6. Measure

My Final Four Pick:

The difference in many basketball games is one or two possessions. As much as I like the leadership from Kemba Walker, UConn’s POY Candidate, the coaching of John Calipari, and the grit of Butler, I’m picking the Rams of VCU based on their ability to play a complete game on both ends of the floor. Scoring makes the highlight reels but defense wins championships!

Who’s your pick to win the Final Four?


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