2011 NCAA Social Madness: Social Media for Sports Fans

NCAA March Madness

Fish Where the Fish Are and realize that some fish like to share! My favorite sport tournaments to watch are the NFL Playoffs and NCAA March Madness. Who’s your pick to win the Final Four?


Catapult Your Facebook Page

Having a professionally designed landing page (with a good fan conversion mechanism) can provide just the added polish you need to excite and educate a social media “tire kicker” and convert them into a motivated and loyal fan of your brand.

Advertise Your Facebook Page Outside of Facebook

As marketers shift their efforts to increase Facebook Fans, it would be more beneficial for viewers to indirectly like brands that have positive online reputations.

VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg on the State of Facebook

Zuckerberg talks about Games as being the first industry to solve community problems Facebook can’t. “Other industries include music, movies, tv, news, and ecommerce.

Facebook Messages to Funnel Conversations

Between mobile devices and the Internet we can be more connected today than ever before, but there is still a feeling that the technology can also act as a barrier between us. When I want to share with someone it should be as simple as deciding who I want to share with and what I want to say. It should feel more like a human conversation.

The Modern Agency and Big Business

There is no question life was much simpler before digital marketing entered the picture. Marketers have an immense amount to worry about. And with all the facets of digital marketing thrown into the mix – a complex space only gets more complex.

The power of online referrals

If you want corporate executives to understand the value of social networks, you need to move discussions from ROI to COI.

Facebook Deals for Local Businesses

Starting today, local businesses will be able to offer you deals when you check in to their place on Facebook. Deals will be rolling out over the next few days and will only be available in the United States at this time.