Nike’s Zoom Kobe 6 Christmas Shoe

Nike’s Zoom Kobe 6 Christmas Shoe


Study: Facebook Sharing Trumps Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail

What’s a tweet worth? For San Francisco-based ticket sales startup Eventbrite, that’s about 43 cents.

iTunes 10 goes social with Ping

Ping is a way for Apple to get it’s feet wet in the social platforms while competing to harness the attention of its 160 million users away from browsers. “Pong” is my version of Ping 2.0. When released, Apple will be able to tweak and fine-tune to it’s users wants and artists needs.

Feds Resurrect “Do Not Track” Concept for Online Ads

As much as you think a “do not track” list is a good idea, it would never happen and here’s why…

Fire Your Marketing Manager and Hire A Community Manager


A recent BusinessWeek article called “Twitter Twitter Little Star,” describes social media as a booming industry which has caught the attention of corporations everywhere, and suggests the role of a “social media director” and what that person should do.

Using The Phenomenem Of Social Networks For SEO Purposes

Social network websites are the hottest property on the web right now, due to the exciting interactive features that can make it more interesting for consumers than traditional e-mail and basic service sites. It opens up so many fun ways to keep in touch with other people and to find new friends, as well as a number of b2b functionality too.

For Hire: Social Media Rep for Businesses

A lot of top executives believe social media is a good job for an intern,” Lawrence says. “But that’s not effective at all. You shouldn’t put an intern in charge of social media, just as you wouldn’t have an intern handle your relationships with NBC or the New York Times. It should be someone who has a full view of your company’s agenda.

What is your brand’s Facebook page worth?

Although it’s quite impossible to ever know the absolute value of social media, this is a great start. I decided to conduct my own Facebook Page research with ESPN, Lululemon, and Toyota.