Catapult Your Facebook Page

Having a professionally designed landing page (with a good fan conversion mechanism) can provide just the added polish you need to excite and educate a social media “tire kicker” and convert them into a motivated and loyal fan of your brand.


Nike’s Zoom Kobe 6 Christmas Shoe

Nike’s Zoom Kobe 6 Christmas Shoe

Study: Facebook Sharing Trumps Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail

What’s a tweet worth? For San Francisco-based ticket sales startup Eventbrite, that’s about 43 cents.

The New Twitter: What this means for your Background Image

The New Twitter launched last week and will continue it’s slow roll out to every account over the next couple weeks. The sleek design is more similar to TweetDeck and Hootsuite without the control for cross-platform posting. There is significantly much less background space available and must be accounted for personal bio’s and links…

How to live your brand in 7 easy steps

Here are 7 ways to help live your brand through social media.
1. Find someone in your office, preferably with a marketing/design background, that best demonstrates your company’s values in their everyday life. 2. Allow that person time to research and listen. What are consumers saying about your brand? Take in the good along with the bad. Using social media to respond to criticism can help repair any tarnished relationships by asking “How can I help?” 3. Know your demographics. If Monday and Friday are the most active days on Twitter, make sure you especially have a presence on those days.

Photoshop CS5 – Content Aware Fill

Content aware fill is by far one of the most exciting features in the new Photoshop CS5. Basically it allows you to alter or create reality in photographs as easily as selecting an area and running the feature.